Engagement Session Must Haves

I include an engagement session in all of my wedding packages, and there are a couple reasons for that. First of all, it’s a really great way for me to actually get to know you! By this point in the process, we’ve emailed back and forth, maybe sent each other some Schitt’s Creek memes, and maybe even had a FaceTime call, but this is our chance to really hang out and vibe for the first time. So much of your wedding day jitters are erased when you have a great relationship with your photographer. I promise. And that starts here, at the engagement session!

3 Things You Need for Your Engagement Session

  1. Your sense of adventure – This is the perfect time to take a little hike, maybe head out to a spot with a view. Do you have a special place? Let’s go there! Want to recreate your first date? Yes, please! Tap in to your sense of adventure and take your engagement session somewhere off the beaten path.
  2. Trust – Hear me when I say that you have to trust the process, and more importantly, trust me! For a lot of couples, this might be the first time you’re taking professional photos together. I’m going to guide you through the process, I promise I’ll never just leave you to fumble through by yourself! But that means when I ask you to do some silly things, (like walk hand in hand and get as far apart as possible, or kiss each other but only using your teeth) you have to trust that I know what I’m doing, and I’m going to get some awesome shots of you being your authentic selves.
  3. A sense of humor – Don’t take yourself too seriously. You aren’t sitting completely stationary for a posed oil painting. (too many Schitt’s Creek references in one blog?). Taking these photos is supposed to be fun! It’s such a great chance to show off your personality. They are here for you to capture this moment in your love story and be able to carry them with you through the rest of your lives. So let loose a little. Laugh with your whole body. Hold each other close. And then play up all your inside jokes. When you let yourself have a little fun, that’s when we get the photos you’ll treasure.

If you want to see more engagement sessions, you can check them out HERE. Last but not least, if you’re ready to book with me and hang out somewhere epic or special to you, head HERE.

March 15, 2022

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