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engagement photos with your dogs

Engagement Photos

I love being able to meet with my couples as they do engagement photos prior to me photographing their big day. I think it gives me a better sense of who they are and what makes them tick. It also helps them to get to know me, and feel more comfortable around me. Of course, that’s wildly important if I’m about to capture one of the biggest days in your love story! I want us to be besties before the big day, basically. By the time I leave, you should be comfortable showing me your sweet loving side AND your silly side, because let’s be honest, that’s when these photo shoots get really fun!

Enter: Lifestyle Session

This session was the perfect combination of lifestyle pictures, and engagement photos. Extra bonus points, I got to hang out with their dogs! We started off the evening hanging out at their house, just sort of capturing them in their element. For most of us, home is a safe zone. It’s easier to be yourself there. Most of the time it’s easier to let your guard down a little bit there. You end up feeling like you’re just sort of hanging out in the yard, doing your everyday things, and I’m just quietly being a third wheel in the corner and snapping pics. You go about your day, and I (in the least creepy way possible) document the whole thing and try to capture the sweet moments. At home sessions are also the easiest way to incorporate your fur babies if they’re a little bit on the anxious side, or they’re just a lot to wrangle out in public.

Once we played with the pups for a bit, gardened a little, and smooched in the yard, we took the party to a nearby park and continued with the engagement photo shenanigans. Manito Park is a Spokane staple. There are several stunning gardens, water features, and photo ops. It was the perfect way to round out the evening. Anna and Sam, thank you so much for having me to your home, and letting me see all the best parts of you! I can’t wait to photograph you two again soon!

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July 25, 2022

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