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Indoor or Outdoor? That is the question!

Planning a wedding comes with a million choices. One of which is whether to have an outdoor or indoor wedding. Now, I know that the PNW is famous for all of the incredible outdoor spaces, but hear me out… Indoor weddings offer a little extra ‘something’ that you may not even have thought about before.

3 Reasons to Choose an Indoor Wedding Venue

  1. The weather here is insane! In case you don’t remember the time it snowed in September out of NOWHERE you can relive that moment in this featured article –> “Surprise! A Winter Wedding in September” . An indoor wedding space allows you to plan your day with way less backup plans. Your ceremony is already inside! So when the weather doesn’t cooperate, you’re already covered…literally.
  2. An indoor wedding doesn’t have to mean the entire thing is indoors! Maybe you host your ceremony outside, or have cocktail hour on the roof. Maybe you and your crew get ready off-site and take advantage of the outdoor spaces there. Plus, I always scout out the venue to find you the best photo opportunities. Whether that’s down the road, or the front door, or a random alley way that happens to be a hot mess… we can create beautiful memories, and beautiful photos, anywhere. If you want both, you can absolutely have both!
  3. The ambiance. The vibe of indoor wedding spaces is always a little more cozy. The lighting tends to be softer. There are almost always some sort of unique lighting option (think fairy lights, lanterns, candles, etc.) that really make the room feel warm and welcoming. Trust me, it’s a vibe.

When in doubt, if you’ve decided that your perfect day includes me as your photographer, but haven’t decided if you want an indoor wedding…just ASK! I am more than happy to give you some suggestions along the way, and point you in the direction of incredible vendors that might be able to help you make the final decision.

Until then, enjoy this absolutely stunning wedding. Sharon and Jin were a dream to work with, and their wedding was perfect in every way. Any couple who’s willing to trek down suspicious alleys with me just to get some great shots will forever hold a piece of my heart! Thank you both for letting me document your love story, and I’m wishing you nothing but joy and love for this next chapter.

Looking for a Photographer?

If you’re on the hunt for your wedding photographer, my books are now open for 2023 weddings! Let’s start chatting now –> I’m SO stoked to work together!

March 24, 2022

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