Mt. Rainier Couples Session

This Mt. Rainier Couples session is everything

I really can’t describe to you how much I love this place. I feel like every other post I make anymore has taken place at Mt. Rainier. That is for good reason. Mt. Rainier is the best place to do a couples session. This area is called Tipsoo Lake, it has such a wide variety of spots to stop and really appreciate this beautiful national park.

At every angle of the park, you are blessed with alpine trees that smell better than you could ever imagine. You can drive less than an hour and be treated with different views of Tahoma, glacial lakes that are so beautiful and reflective, wildlife at every corner. Mt. Rainier is such a special place.

When planning your couples session at Mt. Rainier, do a little research as to what area speaks to you. The terrain may look easy, but a lot of the pinterest photos you see are 8-10 mile hikes. Getting gorgeous vistas with minimal incline is absolutely still possible, so just let me know what calls to your heart!

Convinced? Head over here to see more sessions at Mt. Rainier with me, or head over to my contact form to book your adventure now!

September 23, 2023

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