couple eloping at mt. rainier

Mt. Rainier Vow Renewal

Can you pick a prettier place to renew your vows? Absolutely not. Mt. Rainier is an absolute legend when it comes to providing epic backdrops and beautiful wildflower meadows. Spending my summers here is truly a gift. This beautiful vow renewal took place on the Sunrise side of Mt. Rainier and it was absolutely dreamy.

Meg picked out a STUNNING, and I mean stunning Selkie gown to stop the damn show. I love spending the day with my elopement and vow renewal couples because I want to tell the story start to finish.

Vow renewals can take place any time in your relationship

I think a common misconception for these is that you have to “complete” a certain time in your relationship before you can recommit yourself to your person. I believe that is a really dumb “tradition” like most traditions.

To me, commitment should be taking place every single day. You are choosing to love and be with your person through good times, bad times, the best times, and the very worst times. I think going through something and coming out stronger is the perfect place to start with planning something like this, or if you want to do it every single year for the rest of your life – HELL YEAH!

Mt. Rainier boasts such beautiful spots to get lost in. I loved doing this vow renewal there because we got to play in the forest and then took a short drive up the mountain near Tipsoo Lake and read the vows they wrote to one and other.

Did this vow renewal at Mt. Rainier inspire you to plan something similar? Head over to my blog to get more inspo from Mt. Rainier, and then shoot me an email. I have so many hidden gem spots I love that I think you will too.

September 23, 2023

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