Seattle Engagement Session

A rainy day adventure engagement session in Seattle

Seattle engagement session

I know, I know Seattle RAINS! But really, it doesn’t rain all that much. Personally, I love the West Side of Washington for the reason that it’s always GREEN! Green is my favorite color and it really provides such a contrast for any type of session. Angel & Max are two of my wedding clients this year. I flew over from Spokane to do their engagement photos in Seattle last month and when I got there it started pouring. I told them I can totally reschedule when I am back in the area but they were GAME and so we went on a little rainy adventure through one of my favorite parks in the Seattle area. Nothing says PNW like a rainy Seattle Engagement Session!

One of my biggest questions that I get prior to engagement sessions is… what should we bring!? I personally don’t think you need to bring anything that doesn’t feel true to who you are as a couple. If you like wine, bring some wine! Is spraying champagne something you want to do? DO IT! I think creating beautiful real memories and images for people can only happen when you are completely yourself. It is so vital to find a photographer who you not only feel comfy with, but someone you can laugh with and know that you can trust to create moments that feel like *you*.

Why should we do an Engagement Session?

The simple answer is, you and I will get to meet, hang out, and most of all connect. Going into your wedding day do you really want someone to just show up and snap photos? Or do you want someone that is there to support you, to notice the little things, and to show up for you. When a couple invests in me my heart is investing in you just as much. You will end up spending just as much time with me (sometimes more!) on your wedding day as you will with your spouse. I can’t express to you enough how important it is to vibe. Engagement sessions are a great way to break the ice and see how I work. Another reason is you can send these out as save the dates, or print them to have at your guest table! Everyone loves photographs. Your guests are there to celebrate your love. Why not showcase it in all stages?

“We are the most awkward people alive”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, a tale as old as time. Every single session I do whether it’s an engagement session or family session starts with this sentence. Guess what? That is probably why *I* picked you to work with. You have stumbled across the most awkward, weird, goofball photographer you possibly could have. My sole purpose when working together is to make you laugh and feel like we are old friends. Did you look through my website? What about my instagram feed? Did those people look awkward to you? I am sure that you didn’t choose me because you felt like they did. Trust me wholeheartedly when I say that I promise if you give me a chance, you will have the best time and come away feeling so good about our time together.

Here’s the thing, I care about you as humans

I want a soul connection, because that helps me create art for you that you will cherish and look back on for the rest of your lives. Investing in photography is one of the most luxurious and rich experiences you can. These will be heirlooms that you will keep and pass down to your family members. These are images that you and your spouse will get to revel in when you are in your 80’s and be reminded of exactly how you felt in that moment. To me, that is the most special part of my job. So in conclusion if you haven’t gathered this by now, I am here to be your friend. I am here to showcase the best parts of you and document it in the most honest and real way I possibly can. If that appeals to you, please reach out via my website to start our conversation. I am lookin for genuine souls that want their love story documented and preserved in the most beautiful way.

Need more inspiration for booking a session with me? I have galleries on my website, as well as a section specifically for engagements/couples on my blog! Can’t wait to plan an epic day with you.

March 9, 2023

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