A personal end of year review

A look back on some of my personal favorite moments from 2022.

Lake CDA Private Property Wedding

Hello! I am not sure if anyone actually reads these things so I am going to treat this as a personal diary entry, a review of my own year if you will. 2022 brought a lot of challenges as I was still trying to wade through a mountain of rescheduled events while trying to book new work so I had some sort of income for the new year. Running a small business is hard, but boy let me tell you being a wedding photographer is so rewarding. I wanted to make a gallery of some of my favorite personal moments for the year. A personal end of year review, if you will. They aren’t my favorites because they are *Pinterest worthy* but rather because those moments were special for a particular reason. I hope you enjoy these if you’ve made it this far.

Elopement on Mt. Spokane

Now that we’ve made it through spring, let’s move onto my beautiful summer memories….

Words can’t do the feelings justice. This is just an overview of how wonderful my year truly was. From local weddings all the way to Jamaica, I finished my summer there and then went straight into my fall weddings! If you’d like to see more images from this year, head over to my galleries!

Elopement at Sandals Ochi Rio in Jamaica

My job takes me so many amazing places and introduces me to so many amazing people. Being a wedding photographer truly is a gift. I need to be better about sitting down and re-looking through my year when it comes to a close. Feeling so honored to document so many honest and lovely memories. I can’t wait to capture so many more in the years to come. If you want to see where I am heading next, head over to my about me section to see my travel schedule. Cheers to my year in review!

January 4, 2023

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