I am so happy you are here. To me, this is the most important page. You are here because you feel a connection to my work, but now it's the time to make sure you feel a connection to me! Being friends before anything else is so important and I hope after you make it through this section you feel that we could be!

A little about me: I started *as we all did* with little disposable cameras and took them everywhere with me. I knew at a young age how important documenting moments in your life really was, and from there I started this wild career of mine. I have been photographing people professionally for 13 years now and I can hardly believe it. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but moved away to Southern CA for 4.5 years and that is where my photo business flourished and really took off.

I believe in telling stories in the absolute most intentional and joyful way possible. I think being able to pick up a photograph and revel in that moment all over again is one of the best parts of life. Memories are so important and the fact that I get to document them for other people through art on a regular basis is pretty damn cool. Wanna get to know me more? Read below!

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More About Me

I am a 31 year old dork. I am a Libra + 2w3 babe. I am obsessed with my husband, and I have the three best animals on the planet: Laska the husky dog, Odin the cat, and Olive Bean the Kitten. I snort when I laugh sometimes, and I have endless bad dad jokes ready to impress you. I can't promise they will always be good but I will give it my best shot. 

I am what you would call an adventurous homebody - I value nature and the beautiful Earth we live in, but also love snuggling on my couch with my little family. I am introverted to the core, but when I feel safe or like i've found my people I am instantly in my element and able to be myself. As a libra, I am a huge empath. I *think* I am so in tune with being able to tell all love stories because I really feel them.  I invest wholeheartedly in my clients who eventually will turn into my extended family. One of my best friends to this day is one of my original clients, and I think that is so special.

On a normal day catch me binging my favorite show (Schitts Creek) with a messy bun and a Starbucks refresher in my hand, or wandering aimlessly through target for what I like to call "self care". In my free time I also love to hike and I love camping. Mountain air is the best air. Washington might be my home, but my heart is called to travel. My favorite place that I've been so far is Iceland! I'm a little weird - I believe in ghosts and aliens... and my perfect Friday night would be nerding out playing super mario, watching Ghost Adventures, or going on an Alien tour in the desert while eating In-N-out Burger. If you vibe with that, we are definitely going to be best friends. 

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January - Kauai, HI.
February - Orlando, FL.
April - Santorini, GR., London, FR.
May - Oregon Coast, Leavenworth, WA.
June - Seattle, WA.
July - Mt. Rainier National Park
August - Portland, OR., Seattle, WA. 
September - Leavenworth, WA. 
October - Glacier National Park, Maui, HI.

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getting a roll of film developed after a trip

Schitts Creek, obviously

the Boboli gardens in Florence, Italy. We got engaged there!

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Hawaii in the winter time, I'm 65 and retired at heart

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