Here is a little of my heart… I absolutely love what I do. Photography is my passion, my craft, my life. Your moments deserve to be captured and preserved in the most beautiful way possible. I fall in love with photography all over again every time I pick up my camera, and I truly love every elopement & wedding I get to be apart of. So here’s the deal, I care about how I can represent who YOU are. You are hiring me to see yourself through my lens. What my heart craves the most is capturing the real and the irreplaceable. Cherish your giggles, cherish your awkwardness, cherish the real you. I value clients who will let their hair down, get a little weird, and will trust me during our relaxed time together. I value who you are as a person, I value all love, everyone is always welcome here. 

david rose at heart

More About Me

I am a 30 year old dork. I am a Libra + 2w3 babe. I snort when I laugh sometimes. But most of all, I am a storyteller.

I have been a full-time photographer for six years now. I am what you would call an adventurous homebody - I value nature and the beautiful Earth we live in, but also love snuggling on my couch with my little family. I am introverted to the core, but when I feel safe or like i've found my people I am instantly in my element and able to be myself. As a libra, I am a huge empath. I think I am so in tune with being able to tell all love stories because I really feel them, and I invest wholeheartedly in my clients who eventually will turn into my extended family. 

On a normal day, catch me binging my favorite show with a messy bun and a Starbucks refresher in my hand, or wandering aimlessly through target for what I like to call - self care. In my free time I also love to hike, and I love camping. Mountain air is the best air. Washington might be my home, but my heart is called to travel. If I had to pick one thing to do every day for the rest of my life, snorkeling is probably my favorite "hobby" ... and I will get a sunburn before you can get me out of the water. I'm weird, I believe in ghosts and aliens and my perfect Friday night would be nerding out to Ghost Adventures or going on an Alien tour in the desert while eating In-N-out Burger. If you vibe with that, we are definitely going to be best friends. 

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January - Kauai, HI., Red Rock Canyon, NV.
February - Iceland, The Oregon Coast
March - Orlando, FL.
April - NYC
June - North Cascades
July - Mt. Rainier
August - Glacier Nat'l Park
September - Leavenworth & Seattle, WA.
October - San Diego, CA.
November - Paris
December & January are open for any destination 

let's meet up somewhere that really means something to you.

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travel plans



getting a roll of film developed after a trip

Schitts Creek, obviously

the Boboli gardens in Florence, Italy. We got engaged there!

driving with the windows down blasting Queen

animals in general

Hawaii in the winter time, I'm 65 and retired at heart

some of my favorite things & favorite humans

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