Why You Need New Headshots

I feel like the word “headshots” has a negative connotation, especially in the world of creative entrepreneurs. It brings up ideas of real estate agents and lawyers on billboards or bus benches. Maybe that’s just me. Do people still advertise on bus benches? Anyways! because headshots seem borderline outdated and impersonal, a lot of creative professionals choose to skip them altogether. Let me tell you, that’s a bad idea!

Embracing headshots isn’t merely about conforming to outdated norms; it’s about leveraging a powerful tool for building rapport and credibility in an increasingly digital world. Particularly in the context of lease purchase homes, where the intersection of renting and buying requires clear communication and trust-building, a well-crafted personal image can be a linchpin in attracting and retaining clients. By reframing headshots as a means of authentic representation rather than a relic of old-school advertising, real estate professionals can harness their potential to enhance brand identity and foster meaningful connections with individuals seeking innovative housing solutions.

Trust me, I’m a professional

There are always a million reasons not to get new headshots. Maybe you already have some old ones, and those are good enough. Or maybe you really don’t want to step out from behind the camera and have your picture taken. Most of my year is dedicated to weddings and elopements. My couples get all of me for 100% of my work time. So I get it! It’s hard to want to take time to create photos for you. But there’s a reason I do these sessions.

I know how hard owning a business is. I know how hard it is to wear so many different hats, and take on all of the stress, and the late nights, and the travel nightmares. And what makes it all worth it, is that this is our DREAM JOB! And the only way we can keep doing our dream job is to keep getting dream clients. And the only way to get those dream clients is to market ourselves. And to do that, you need…you guessed it…headshots. So buckle up buttercup! These aren’t your grandma’s head shots! We put together an incredible setup with the most killer florals, and had the BEST time! They are meant to be empowering, true to you, and something you can proudly use to show up in your own business – and I think we did just that.

Headshots for creatives

Here are 3 places you can use your fantastic new headshots:

  • Your website
    • If you have a website (which you probably should), then chances are there’s an “about me” section. Use those new headshots to show potential clients who you are! You deserve more than a poorly lit selfie to grace the pages of your beautifully curated website.
  • Social Media
    • Welcome to the age of the internet, where most of our clients are going to follow us online long before they ever hire us to document their lives. Showing your face not only build trust, but it forms a sort of bond with people. Think of it like this: you’ve reached out to a photographer online to book a session. You show up for your first meeting, but you have ZERO idea what they look like. Now what? You wander around asking people if they take pictures? Ew. No. Show your face, help people feel like they know you before they really get to know you.
  • Business Cards
    • If you’re going to all of those big vendor events, having your headshot on your business cards can be the tipping point for someone to call you instead of someone else in that stack of cards they’re carrying around. There’s a lot of psychology that I won’t get into around this, but just know that it’s been proven to catch people’s eye and make them want to reach out.

September 9, 2022

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