Sand Dunes Engagement Session

sand dunes in background, two people holding hands just by fingertips

Moses Lake, Wa – Sand Dunes

These cuties met at the sand dunes as kids, and now they’re stepping into a whole new chapter together. It was a true full circle moment to come back to the place they met and take their engagement photos. When I talk about documenting you and your love story, as you are, this is exactly what I mean. I love being able to become fully immersed in your stories. To help you create new core memories. This is the perfect way to tell the full story.

If you’ve spent any time in Moses Lake, then the sand dunes probably have a place in your memory. For most people in the area, it’s a big party spot. Most people that grew up in Grant County have fished, boated, or ridden ATV’s at the sand dunes. And every single person who grew up there has at least one crazy story of things that happened “out at the dunes”. But don’t let it’s reputation fool you! The rolling hills of sand, whipped around by the wind in the Columbia Basin, made for a backdrop that came straight out of a magazine.

I am very grateful to have had the privilege to take photos in some of the most beautiful places, far and near. And this spot was no exception. Hopefully these photos do justice to just how incredible the sunset was. The slight breeze off the lake made everything just a little cooler, and the hot sand made it feel like we were on a far away beach. This is your gentle reminder that beautiful places exist all over the place, if you only allow yourself to look around and see them. I’ll definitely be back. Can you imagine my sweet Laska baby lounging on these sand banks? Thank you both so much for reminding me just how many incredible views are just a short road trip away.

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September 5, 2022

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