Seattle Intimate Couples Session

Seattle, Wa

I had so much fun at this couples session! There was love, and laughter, forehead kisses, and dancing in the streets. It’s such a fun and relaxed way to document your love story.

couples session in downtown seattle, couple lying on bed with her head on his chest

3 Reasons to Have your Own Couples Session

  1. You get to love on each other in a more relaxed setting.
  2. It’s a chance to take photos in a more intimate setting for no reason other than to celebrate your love!
  3. You have the freedom to switch it up and make it personal to you, your space, or your season of life.

My Downtown Seattle Lovers

Letting my in to your space like this is an extreme honor. I love being a part of couples sessions like this. Where we lean in, and I get to be the professional third wheel while the two of you shower one another with love. There’s nothing quite like it. I’m obviously a huge advocate for getting pictures just because, and this is the perfect way to do that. It’s not for an engagement, or a wedding, it’s just because you’re crazy about each other and you want to document this time in your lives. And I’m 100% here for it!

Couples sessions open up the possibility to hear all of my amazing jokes. And let’s be honest, that’s why all of you are here, right? It’s basically a fun hangout where I fawn all over you, fall in love with your love story, and hype you up until your ego doesn’t fit in the car on your way home. Basically the perfect date day. It’s intimacy on another level.

couples session in seattle, wa. Couple runs hand in hand down cobblestone street

“Even though my brain was a mess, what kept my soul whole was the warmth of the hands holding mine…”

Won-pyung Sohn

If you are considering getting some updated photos that aren’t selfies or badly framed shots from the holidays at your aunt Linda’s, I’d be thrilled to come kick it with you. If it’s raining or you just want to do something different, renting a studio is always an option and creates such a cozy and intimately you environment. We can order a pizza and chill. Let’s do something that makes you feel like you’re at home with your lover being completely yourself.

Let’s get this party started! More info HERE

February 9, 2022

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