35mm film couples session in downtown spokane

35mm Film Couples Session

This Downtown Spokane couples session on 35mm film will put you in your feels and make you want to do a fun session with your lover, I promise.

I can’t believe this is my first blog post solely dedicated to my favorite thing on this planet – film. I incorporate 35mm film into almost my every day life. Film is how I learned. So when I picked up a new camera last week, I knew I had to sneak my best friends out for this cutie 35mm couples session in Downtown Spokane.

Ash & Jada frequent my website because their love story is my favorite. Ash and Jada are the sweetest queer couple that has overcome so much adversity and truly comes out shining more brightly because of it. They just bought their first home and are more in love than ever. They also just rock the modeling side of the camera every single time.

35mm film is becoming so trendy again and I am here for it. Film is how I learned. There is truly nothing better than getting the film back; to be reminded of exactly how it felt. They both turned 27 in the same week so we celebrated with some coffee and cuddles.

You can’t tell me 35mm film isn’t a VIBE

If you have been considering adding film to your session or wedding, this is your sign to DO IT. It adds such a raw and editorial feel without even trying; how photos were meant to be taken. This 35mm film session just makes me smile because I feel like it captured them so well. I hope you enjoy the rest of these as much as I do.

A couple session on film, on a rainy day … yes please!

Wanna book a 35mm film couples session? Or just add it onto your package? All you have to do is reach out and let me know so I am well stocked for your event 😉

January 17, 2024

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