Spokane Fall Wedding

A gorgeous September fall wedding at Evermore Event Center

Nothing is better than when you get perfect fall weather for your wedding day. Not only was the sun shining, but the fall colors were out which provided so much joy for an already wonderful day. Evermore Event center is located north of Spokane and provides a beautiful farm esque backdrop that has more of a modern twist. The owners are absolute sweethearts and make sure that you have the absolute day of your dreams.

My personal opinion about why you should do a first look:

First looks are so important for so many reasons. I totally get the idea of wanting to wait to see each other until that first moment you are walking down the aisle, but I am going to be totally honest. As a photographer, that makes the day so much more stressful on my part. It may be an unpopular opinion but I am here to be a wrecking ball.

First looks are beneficial for these reasons:

  1. You get to spend the whole day with your partner instead of 4-5 hours. Why spend thousands of dollars on your wedding day to only spend a quarter of it together?
  2. It takes the pressure off! All of this emotion is building and it makes it that much more special to have a private moment. Worried your spouse isn’t going to be emotional during the aisle walk? WRONG! It puts it that much more into perspective that THAT IS YOUR PARTNER. That is your life freaking partner… and that is when I get the most tears.
  3. You get to spread your photos out over a few hours vs. everything crammed into one hour. Truly, the only time we will be able to spend together if we do it this way with your partner is during cocktail hour. You will have to do: Family Portraits, Wedding Party Portraits & Couples photos in an hour. No one wants to be stressed right after they say I do, and I can tell you from experience this is what happens!

The entire day was just overall special. I think people are realizing that September is the best month to get married in Spokane. Fall weddings just have my heart. Perfect temps, no smoke, just love. Enjoy some photos from the rest of the event that just make my heart so happy!

Want to see more weddings by me? You can check the gallery on my website for an overview, or head over to my blog and see more photos that way! I am always open to sharing full galleries with you if you ask as well. Happy Wedding planning!

February 21, 2023

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