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Who doesn’t love Cherry Blossom season?! They’re fragrant, and delicate, and so stunning. They honestly feel like they belong in a story book. And they make the perfect backdrop for family photos, pictures of your kiddos, engagement photos, or even headshots with a more natural backdrop. I love hosting these sessions here!

What to wear

Choosing outfits for your shoot can feel like such a daunting task! This seems to multiply even more when you’ve got the entire family involved. Do we all match? Should we just try to coordinate? Will we blend into the background? Are we going to clash with the scenery? FREEZE! I promise you that I will always offer guidance in this department! I stare at these beautiful locations like a mad woman prior to your shoot. I’ve scouted it. I’ve looked at pictures of cherry blossoms. Past galleries have been studied. And I have a bunch of options for you depending on the vibe you’re feeling. So take a couple deep breaths, you’ve got this.

Cherry Blossom Vibes

One option I always recommend is doing what these cuties decided on. This adorable family went with all the girls wearing matching colors, and dad in a really great complimentary color. The blue makes enough of a contrast with the cherry blossoms that everyone stands out, but not so much that they look out of place. The color is absolutely perfect for spring too. Then they added in brown to not only dad’s outfit, but as the accent for the girls as well. It was so intentional, and so thoughtful. Everything felt tied back to nature without being cliche. And everyone looked comfortable and right at home among the flowering trees and tall grasses. It’s such a great example of how to coordinate and make it feel effortless but intentional. The vibes fit the cherry blossoms PERFECTLY, and I couldn’t wait to show off this adorable family to all of you. Plus, does it get any more precious than little girls twirling and picking flowers?! I’d say not.

Until next year!

June 10, 2022

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