Beach Engagement Session

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE the beach. I had my own elopement on the Oregon coast, I host retreats there, and I go any chance I get. So when these two wanted a beach engagement session, it was an immediate yes.


Is a beach engagement session right for you?

When it comes to nature, I really am a sucker for too many aspects to pick just one favorite. Every different environment presents its very own pros and cons. And depending on your personality, one backdrop might be better for you than another. So, when it comes to the beach, you have to think about a few things. First, the wind. Ocean breezes aren’t really known for being gentle and forgiving. But they definitely give a powerful ambiance to your session! I feel like I can almost feel the wind blowing through my couples hair in that last photo <3. Since we’re on the topic of weather, let’s talk about the rain! Half the time we do beach engagement sessions (or really any photo shoot on the beach), we get the joy of having the rain come out of nowhere to show us just what it means to be in the heart of the storm. Now don’t get me wrong, it makes for a really fun story, and some really beautiful shots, but if that’s not your vibe, I can completely understand.

The Pros

I feel like I might have been too harsh on the beach. I’m not trying to scare you away! After all, it really is one of my favorite places! So let me shed a little light on why it’s amazing. The coolest part about the beach: the scenery! You’ve got the sand, the ocean, the cliffs, the caves! There are a million different backdrops all in one stunning place. If you have a little bit of adventurer in you, we can get to some of the coolest spots and make some really beautiful memories. And I know TLC said not to go chasing waterfalls…but they’re waterfalls! Of course I’m gonna chase them! And seriously I’m so glad we did. These photos perfectly sum up my couple. Their love is so loud, and yet so gentle. It’s adventurous, but still so safe. I can’t wait to continue documenting your love story, and I’m so glad to be your photographer. Here’s to chasing all the waterfalls, and braving the wind together.

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April 30, 2022

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