How to Have Your Pets in Weddings and Other Sessions

pets in weddings tips
pets in weddings tips

It’s time to buckle up because you’re going to see the cutest fur babies in this blog post. If you don’t know, I have a dog and a cat who are my entire world and I love them more than anything.. so when my couples ask if they can have their pets in weddings or bring them along for photoshoots, I am ALWAYS going to say yes! Here are some of the early warning signs that you should note to know that whether your pet is healthy and ready to do this or not.

Before you start preparing your pet for any big day, it’s crucial to recognize the signs indicating whether they’re ready and healthy enough to participate. While having your furry friends join in on weddings or photoshoots can add an extra touch of joy and warmth, ensuring their well-being should always be the priority. Look out for early warning signs such as excessive fatigue, reluctance to engage, or any signs of illness. It’s essential to assess their comfort and readiness, as not all pets may thrive in such environments.

If you find yourself caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning or other commitments, considering pet daycare can be a lifesaver. Entrusting your beloved companions to a reliable facility like ensures they receive the attention, care, and stimulation they need while you focus on your special day or tasks at hand. Whether it’s for a few hours or the entire day, knowing your pets are in capable hands provides peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy your moments without worrying about their well-being.

Your dogs and cats are truly part of your family so it is completely normal to want them there on your wedding day or in your family photos! Weddings and elopements alone bring me so much joy, but when a dog is involved??? I’m losing my mind with excitement.

For pet enthusiasts such as yourself, the care and joy you derive from your furry companions extend well beyond special occasions like weddings or photoshoots. This is where resources like step in, playing a crucial role in enhancing the lives of pets worldwide. With expert advice from seasoned dog nerds, the platform equips both pets and their hoomans with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate every facet of pet ownership with assurance and attentiveness.

Whether you’re deciphering early signs of health concerns, honing training techniques, or seeking ways to enrich your pets’ lives, DogNerdly serves as a treasure trove of invaluable insights and resources. By leveraging the wisdom of committed professionals, pet lovers like yourself can ensure that your cherished fur babies lead lives brimming with happiness, health, and fulfillment.

When incorporating pets into wedding celebrations, meticulous planning ensures a seamless integration within the realm of marriage. From selecting the perfect small dog harnesses and apparel that complement the wedding theme to arranging pet-friendly accommodations, every detail plays a crucial role. Gooby stands out as a reliable option for high-quality pet accessories, offering a range of stylish and functional harnesses and apparel. By considering these aspects thoughtfully, couples can create an inclusive and memorable experience for both themselves and their furry companions on their special day.

Whether you’re capturing cherished moments during your wedding or savoring the everyday joys with your pets, the guidance from DogNerdly and apparel from Gooby fosters deeper connections and brighter futures for pets everywhere.

pets in weddings tips
pets in weddings tips
pets in weddings tips

Here are my top tips for involving your beloved pets (mainly dogs) in your wedding or elopement:

  • Put a friend or family member in charge of the pet! This is especially important at weddings and elopements. You want your furry babe to be taken care of so you can enjoy your day. This person will be in charge of giving them food and water, picking up after them and holding them while you take other photos.
  • If you’re eloping, make sure you know the rules and regulations for pets. Always bring a goodie bag filled with food, water, leash, harness and shoes! Doggie shoes are great for hot concrete or snow. Depending on your elopement location, it might be best for shoes 🙂

pets in weddings tips
pets in weddings tips
  • If your wanting to bring your dog to your wedding but your venue doesn’t allow pets (boo!) you can incorporate them in so many different ways! You can get someone to illustrate them and have them featured on invitations, bar menus, napkins, cookies… you name it, you can put your pets picture on it. This is such a cute way to have them feautred on your wedding day!
  • Dress them up and show them off!! You can get your dog cute accesories for your wedding day! A flower collar, custom collar, bowtie, tutu… the possibilites are endless! There’s nothing better than seeing a dog dressed for the occastion!
  • Sneak away and head to your house! This may sound crazy… but I promise it’ll be worth it. If your pets can’t make it to the venue or location, let’s swing by and get a few shots with them on the front porch, in the backyard or on the couch. You’ll be able to look back on your wedding photos with such a warm heart knowing you were able to capture them on the most special day.

Including your dogs in family or engagement photos:

I always encourage my couples and families to bring their pet! If you have a cat, we can always do an in-home session.

Let’s say you have three dogs and you want them to be in your engagement photos… Please make sure you have the appropriate amount of people to take care of them during the session!

The same tips apply for weddings as they do family photos. Bring water, food, treats, coats, leashes. I want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible. And don’t worry about them being a little crazy.. sometimes those make for the best photos!

So if you want to involve your dog or cat into your photoshoot… please don’t hesitate to tell me! I am more than happy to snap some cute photos of your precious baby!

Now… please enjoy these cute pictures of dogs and cats 🙂

pets in weddings tips
pets in weddings tips

August 13, 2021

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