Tina & Garrett

Tina & Garrett's Mount Baker Elopement in Washington

Tina and Garrett’s Mount Baker Elopement
Tina and Garrett had the most amazing elopement on July 17, 2020 at Mount Baker in Deming, Washington. 

They wanted to elope somewhere that was special to them and showcased their love for the outdoors. Mount Baker seemed to be the perfect place! We started the day by hiking back to the base of Mount Baker in mountaineering boots, and climbed up onto a rock where they would say I love you forever.

It’s totally possible to elope after a hike! Tina wore her hiking boots and changed into her dress on the trail before getting to their final spot. 

Once we arrived to the top of the rock, Tina and Garrett stood in front of their closest friends and immediate family to say “I do”. Did I mention that they brought their cute dog to their elopement? Because they did and it was the cutest thing ever! I cannot stress how beautiful and heartwarming this elopement was. The weather might have been cold but our hearts were warm and fuzzy!! 

Tina and Garrett with their puppy on their wedding day in Mount Baker, Washington

After the newlyweds said their vows and exchanged rings, we took some bridal photos and family photos to wrap up the most magical day. 

It was absolutely perfect and the broken foot on the way back was totally worth it 😉 

If these photos don’t make you want to elope on the top of a snowy mountain.. then I don’t know what will! This day was absolutely perfect and it just proves that you don’t always need a big wedding. 

I encourage you to find a beautiful spot, grab your family and get hitched! It will be so worth it. 

With all of that being said.. it was so amazing to have been a part of this beautiful elopement. I’m wishing nothing but the best for Tina & Garrett.

Congratulations on your marriage!

January 22, 2021

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