the investment

Let's get down to it...

What I offer

I value so much of what goes into creating a one of a kind experience for you. Your photos will never be the same as some one else, because they are of you.  Your imperfect moments are perfect to me, and I want to show you why through my art.

I will hike in a National park with you just because we can. I will bring a cake and spray champagne if that is what you want to do. I will photograph your wedding wearing a stormtrooper helmet. I don't care. I want this to be about YOU. (Bad dad jokes are included for free, you're welcome in advance.)

This page is a starting point. I've listed starting prices to start the conversation. I know every client is different, and that is why I think we should chat more in depth about what your vision is. No experience is a "one size fits all" ... and I don't expect it to feel that way when you're inquiring with me. We will chat, we will probably laugh, and we will create a collection that is tailored to your vision and your dreams.

Let's Be Friends

+ Complimentary Engagement Session
+ Planning Consultation
+ Timeline Assistance
+ Curated Wedding Gallery that tells your story
+ Digital Collection 
+ Keepsake Box with prints & Custom wood usb
+ Full Day & Half Day Collections Available




+ Planning Consultation
+ Timeline Assistance
+ custom guide to help you plan
+ Adventure Session & Ceremony Coverage 
+ Online Gallery with Download Option  
+ Keepsake Print Box & Custom Engraved USB included




+ Up to 2 hours with jaime 
+ two locations if desired within city limits
+ 2 Outfits if desired (i have a guide to help!)
+ Professionally retouched High Resolution Digital Images 
+ Online Gallery with Download Option
+ Add-on option of custom engraved usb 




+ Full Day Coverage + Adventure Session
+ Roundtrip Travel Expenses Covered within us
+ Professionally retouched High Resolution Digital Images 
+ Custom engraved usb w/collection
+ Online Gallery & Download Option
+ Heirloom Album & Keepsake Box
+International travel package upgrade available




+ Private Studio Session
+ Professional Make Up On Site
+ Professionally retouched High Resolution Digital Images 
+ Online Gallery with Download Option
+ Leather Album with Luxury Finishes

(add ons include: Keepsake box with prints, hair stylist, more studio time, etc.)




Start the conversation

I want your photos to be a reflection of who you are, and I want you to be completely in love with the decision to have made an investment with me.