Your memories should be intentional & full of life.

In the last few years, my focus has very much shifted towards love stories. I have become so invested in creating an intimate and raw experience for my clients that my heart has realized how much I truly enjoy the more lifestyle and documentary approach. Being able to document your lives for a living is unreal to me. I sometimes have to pinch myself for the simple reminder that this really is my full time "job" even though it really doesn't feel like one most days. While I primarily photograph Weddings, I definitely still have a place in my heart for your other just as important special moments. Our time together is important to me. I will travel anywhere love takes me.... so where do you want to go? 

I believe in love,

I believe in telling your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to make sure that I’m exactly what you’re looking for. I pour my heart and soul into each experience and session. They are handcrafted to be specific to your vision, and I want to make sure that what we are creating is beautiful. That all starts with making sure that we like each other and develop trust. I value authenticity and true emotion. If you are camera shy, that is NO problem. You have stumbled up on the most awkward human on the planet, and during our time together I promise I will get you to belly laugh while creating something real and beautiful for you. I am here to SERVE YOU. I don't care what you look like, who you love, or what you want to wear. This is an experience tailored to you and you alone. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then let’s get the conversation started.

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I haven’t been without a camera attached to my hip since 2008. I started in high school taking film classes and learning photoshop/graphic design and found my love for it. Professionally (and legally!) I started my business in 2013 and I never looked back. As of 2018, I am doing this Full Time and it still shocks me every day that I get to do what I love as a career. I found my niche in more of a lifestyle setting and while I consider myself primarily a Wedding Photographer... don't worry! I still love chasing your littles around and capturing their goofy toothless smiles during portrait sessions. I grew up immersing myself in every kind of art you can imagine. Being creative is my kind of therapy, so I truly am honored I get to do this every day.

Every experience is so different from the other, which is why I don’t set a “specific” number of images delivered. I have set guaranteed amounts to avoid confusion, but anything more than that is at my discretion. For weddings there are so many factors that contribute to what the final count is, and it can range anywhere between 300-600 images delivered. I encourage you to prioritize quality when searching for your photographer and remember that a well captured wedding doesn’t always mean every single image taken. I curate my galleries to tell your story exactly how it was, and I value clients who value “better” instead of “more”… and who also realize that these precious moments in their lives are fleeting and deserve to be captured and preserved in the most beautiful way possible. Therefore, I do not deliver every single wedding image or portrait image to you, and I do not sell my RAW files. That is another common question that I feel needs to be answered. I want you to have the best quality from me, and trust in me that I am providing you with the quality you hired me for in the first place. Please make sure you LOVE my style and that you LOVE the stories I tell!

Ahhhh, the most crazy answer to a simple question. Are you looking for your Wedding Photographer? Do you love my work and want to see if I am available? You should inquire …. yesterday. I am not kidding! I only take a certain amount of Weddings per year, and right now I am booking almost 2 years in advance. When it comes to Wedding planning, I really encourage you to secure your vendors as soon as you have a date. There is nothing worse than having your heart set on something and being told that they are already booked. For portrait sessions, I recommend 1 month in advance. I have very limited availability on the weekends (especially during wedding season!) so if that is something you need, don’t hesitate to send me an inquiry! I am now booking weekday travel elopements and offering a discount for 2022 to fill my calendar with new and exciting places!

HECK YES I DO. I travel a lot. I have been very lucky that my Wedding Photography takes me fun places. When chatting about your special day, please include the location so I can send you an accurate quote. As of 2020, I have a flat rate Destination Wedding Package for all US locations outside of WA state. I also have a discounted add on for an adventure engagement session if you really want to do something different and memorable. I don't believe in tacking on hidden fees or surprising you at the last minute.

I do have very specific locations I'm dying to work at and concepts I'd love to add to my portfolio.
Inquire within for an epic destination experience.

Yes and no. I photoshop to make your blemishes go away or adjust lighting, but I will not alter how you look in a more specific way. I want my images to bring you happiness and lift your spirits. You are beautiful the way you are, and if I changed that – I would be doing you a disservice. 

Absolutely! I have galleries ready to share with you so you can see what a typical day with me includes. I know the candid moments and details are important, and I promise that I will showcase them just as much as you two, I just don't add them to my website portfolio so I can have a more curated view of what my style is. Please just ask, and I can email them right to you! I love sharing my stories!

Nothing is set in stone, because life happens! But my common and promised turn around time for portrait sessions is 3 weeks, and my regular promised turn around time for Wedding Photography including all product is 3 months. Now, during peak wedding season, I sometimes extend that to 4 months with written communication ahead of time to ensure that I am spending the appropriate amount of quality time on your specific wedding. It matters to me. You matter to me. I do not want to rush through your images, nor do I want to give you something I am not proud of. Currently I am serving 40+ couples a year for Wedding Photography, and generally have 10-12 Weddings at one time to work on. Please be patient, it is worthy of the wait.

At this time, I do not. Sometimes I sporadically post Mini Portrait sessions on my Facebook business page & Instagram, so make sure to be following that for your chance to snag one!

Of course you can! I just ask that you please credit me as your photographer. On Facebook, you can credit me or my website anywhere in the caption area. On Instagram, you can tag me in the image and/or in the caption area. Crediting your Photographer is so important for both the recognition of their art and their business. Because I feel that is highly important - it is a clause in my contract. Nothing makes my heart more happy than logging in and seeing my feed filled with images I have documented for you.

Heck yes I do! It's located in Downtown Spokane on the corner of Riverside & Browne! It's gorgeous and filled with natural light. Worried about the weather? No problem. Let's get indoors rather than rescheduling! 

Head on over to my contact page and submit an inquiry. I appreciate when they are as detailed as possible so we can go into this with a head start of planning something amazing! Please note that no session with me whether it's a portrait or wedding is booked until a contract is signed & retainer is paid. Worried about planning? Don't sweat it. I have guides and questionnaires ready to send you to make this a smooth and fun process. I already can't wait to hear from you! 

Let's do this!

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