for the wild artists & whimsical souls to fill their cup


EVERMORE Photography retreat

For years, I have slowly gravitated into mentoring and wanting to help photographers find their own voice through their art. My goal when creating this retreat was to gear a weekend once a year to recharge & refresh, but mostly to remind yourself to put your phone down and stop worrying about social media. We didn't pick up photography to keep up with an algorithm. We started creating because it sets our soul on fire. That is what I want Evermore to be for you as a creative. An outlet to reignite that spark you feel like you're missing amongst like-minded individuals that just need to find their way back to what they love.

Myself and Becca (The Paper Tiger Photography) have crafted this photography retreat for the wild ones, the weirdos, the misfits. For the photographers who want to bring real tangible art back into their lives. We value our community so much and wanted to be able to give back by giving an opportunity to come learn, ask questions in an incredibly low key and comfortable setting, and have photography shoots set-up that are realistic to any portfolio and client. We want our clients to be able to look at our work and be able to see themselves there.

This retreat is for you. It doesn’t matter if you are just picking up a camera or have been a photographer for 15 years. Come as you are. Come create for you, and not for social media. Come remind yourself of why you love doing this in the first place.

Wanna join us?

- Susanna Brogan Photography

“I cannot say enough about this retreat or these people.
Jaime and Becca POURED themselves into creating the most amazing and relaxing getaway to fill my creative cup. I walked away CHARGED - thanks to the new friendships, talks, shoots and down time to just relax.

Invest in yourself - invest in this retreat. You won’t be disappointed” 

Evermore Photo Retreat was the best decision I've made for my business. The time was spent laughing, learning, trying new creative techniques, relaxing, and relating. Jaime and Becca created such a welcoming space for everyone to be themselves, be vulnerable, and gave inspiring advice and guidance when called upon for insight. During the shoots they shared so much knowledge on posing, prompting, communicating, along with technical and creative techniques. They made sure time was fair and groups were small so you didn't have to "fight" for your shot like at other workshops. All of the attendees bonded because of the safe space Jaime and Becca fostered for us. We entered the retreat as strangers, but left as a community of strong supportive women. Jaime and Becca are certainly cut out for mentoring and educating. I could not recommend these two gals and Evermore enough. Love you guys so stinkin' much! y'all are rockstars and I hope you know it! 

- Brit Buswell Photo